Reviews Waist Trainer

  • Siska
    Ordered by post and, if I'm honest, worried about the quality. Was the experience of the purchase of counterfeits. But everything is in order, could purchase the Original Waist Trainer on this web page. Very satisfied.
  • Irma
    Suddenly, quality was happy. At a low price, it is simply elegant. I think a few order belt for mothers, girlfriends and sisters.
  • Dewi
    I like the corset Waist Trainer You can buy it in four colors. I bought all four. Black to wear under clothes, and the Rest for Training. You swing directly without the sports apparel, and the effectiveness is better, and no frowns on the naked belly!
  • Putri
    I don't have a Standard shape, so I'm afraid to order a corset and not the pants. All right, got well. And not less good sitting on friends.
  • Dinda
    The corset is not visible under the dress!!! Decided to order a wedding to go to in order to look more slim. With the small price coped with the task of better professional Laundry! I got a great vacation photos, Plus I'm not tired.
Reviews Waist Trainer